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Candidate statements

Candidate statements
The IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee elections are in the final stages of preparation, scheduled to run from June 1-15 so everybody has plenty of time to vote.  It is very exciting, because we ended up with 9 LT candidates and 3 Vice Chair candidates, so we’re going to have a real, meaningful election. I’m excited by all the candidates and the ideas they will bring. Jenny Lu has done a great job of organizing the candidate statements and posting them at the first link below. I copied from her webpage and posted the same information on the Ecohydraulics website at the second link below. Jenny posted an announcement about the election on Twitter and we’ll put out an announcement by email to everybody when voting opens.
As Ecohydraulics “evangelists” (i.e., people who spread the good word about the topic and our community), please make efforts to alert your community about the upcoming vote and to take a look at all the candidate statements.

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