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The Journal of Ecohydraulics (TJoE) is envisioned to be the flagship destination for the world to present scholarship and novel ideas about ecohydraulics, broadly defined. It launched in 2016 under the leadership of Profs. Paul Kemp and Chris Katopodis, two eminent ecohydraulicists. They wrote several very interesting editorials for the journal that help people understand the opportunity and challenges facing our research community. Beginning in 2021 Prof. Takashi Asaeda took the reins and is now leading the journal.

Although the journal is young and yet to get formal citation metrics, it is uniquely ours as a transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research community. This makes it very meaningful; we can make of it what we want it to be to serve our community. The key is to include the journal in your suite of journals that you submit your research manuscripts to, so you get the benefit of a dedicated readership that understand our domain.

Here are a few articles to highlight from the journal so far (GOLD indicates free, gold open access; other are often free, “green access” available on ResearchGate or by request to authors):

If you consider the topics of these articles, you will see that the journal is effectively spanning the major issues that our community works on. This includes basic science questions like (i) how do fish move and where do they choose to locate themselves and (ii) what are the patterns of processes of water, sediment, vegetation, and heat flux. It also addresses societal problems such as fish passage, river restoration, and eflows. Thus, the journal is working but the key is to expand submissions so that more f our community is taking the opportunity to publish in our native journal.

The see the latest issue, click this link.

The Journal of Ecohydraulics is published by IAHR with the support of IWHR.