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This part of the website is devoted to explaining the history and organization of Ecohydraulics from a community perspective. Originally the Ecohydraulics community began as the International Aquatic Modeling Group (IAMG). While that entity no longer is active, the community has continued to grow and is now largely represented by the IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee.


Preliminary Agreement of Collaboration (IAMG and IAHR)

Representative members of the International Aquatic  Modeling Group (IAMG) Steering Committee and of the IAHR Ecohydraulics Section concluded the following agreement during a special meeting held during Ecohydraulics 2000 2nd Conference on Hydraulics and Habitats.

Considering that:

  • an essential need exists for multidisciplinary research on interactions between civil works, water resource management and ecosystems
  • IAMG and IAHR share many preoccupation’s and goals related to these aspects
  • IAMG and IAHR recognise that for ecohydraulics to succeed, this will require the co-operation and integrated efforts between them and others national and international organisations involved in all the common goals of responsible environmental management

They agree to:

  • co-ordinate each other’s efforts as to avoid competition and maximise their outputs
  • work together towards the establishment of functional relationships with other international and national organisations in a global multidisciplinary partnership and networking for the achievement of common ecohydraulics goals



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What exactly is “ecohydraulics” anyway?

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Ecohydraulics Community History

Origin story & historical documents.

IAHR Ecohydraulics
Technical Committee

History of those who were past IAHR Ecohydraulics committee LT Chair and Vice Chair.

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IAHR Ecohydraulics TC
Leadership Team

IAHR ecohydraulics committee leadership team. The team serves to advise the Chair on committee matters.

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IAHR Ecohydraulics TC
LT Biennial Elections

Biennial elections for new Vice Chair and Leadership Team members.

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