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Welcome to the website by and for the ecohydraulics community!

This site is operational but still under further developments. basic informational content pages work fine, but the community-oriented features like the forums are non working. If you have content you would like to see added to the website, let us know.

International Symposium on Ecohydraulics News


ISE2020 Web Seminar

Free registration is now open for the ISE2020 Web seminar at the symposium website. This event will occur on 23 & 24 November 2020. There are special issues of the Journal of Ecohydraulics in production.

On the afternoon of Nov 24 (CEST time zone), there will be an ECoENet meeting and an Ecohydraulics Community meeting. Please register for the Web Seminar to receive information about how to participate in these free events.


ISE2022 has been highly impacted by the pandemic and is anticipated to change, but the final outcome remains unresolved as of 2 Nov 2020. As soon as we have more information it will be posted here.

Because the IAHR World Congress in Granada, Spain schedule for July 2021 has been moved to July 2022, one advice we have is to plan to attend this event. We will pursue the re-opening of abstract submissions and seek broader inclusion of the Ecohydraulics community during this event, along with whatever developments happen for ISE2022.


We have received letters of interest for ISE2024 and are moving forward with the documented selection process. Whether the developments with ISE2022 affect this or not is unclear.

Ecohydraulics Community News

The IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee leadership team has now held two quarterly meetings, once in August and once in October 2020. Minutes of those meetings are available from IAHR. To receive those, you can join our technical committee for free, just by contacting IAHR staff and making the request.

Ecohydraulics Community Blog Posts

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Election Lessons

We have now concluded LT...

We have now concluded LT elections for 2020 and it helps to reflect on the process and outcome. First, we [...]

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Candidate statements

The IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee...

The IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee elections are in the final stages of preparation, scheduled to run from June 1-15 so [...]

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Elections time

It is spring 2020 in...

It is spring 2020 in the northern hemisphere and we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is [...]

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