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Welcome to the website by and for the ecohydraulics community!

The purpose of this website is to disseminate information about Ecohydraulics. Current and upcoming events are presented in the items below and in the website blog posts. The other areas of the website offer static content that educate about the ideas and methods used in ecohydraulics, as we as our community is organized and operated. If you have content you would like to see added to the website, let us know.

International Symposium on Ecohydraulics News

Launched in 1994, the International Symposia on Ecohydraulics aim to provide a platform for scientists and engineers worldwide to discuss cutting-edge scientific progress, compare and evaluate state-of-the-art technical methods, and recommend them to the end-users.

ISE2022 (October 10-14, 2022)

ISE 2022 banner

ISE 2022 banner

On behalf of the IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee and the local organizing committee, we cordially invite you to attend the 14th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (ISE 2022) that will be held in a hybrid mode with both in-person and online engagement on October 10-14, 2022 in Nanjing, China. There will be six keynote sessions and 40 general sessions under the themes of “Ecohydraulics in Practice” and “Fundamentals of Ecohydraulics”. There will be another 10 special sessions. For details of the themes please refer to this link.

Please submit your abstract at before January 15, 2021.

Nanjing was the capital of ten dynasties in Chinese history. It boasts numerous historic sites and splendid cultural heritage. The symposium will be held in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre, a modern convention center on the scenic Yangtze riverfront inaugurated in 2018. Favorite tourist attractions like Gate of China, Confucius Temple, Chaotian Palace, Former Presidential Palace, Nanjing Museum, Xuanwu Lake, and the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen are all no more than 16 km away and easily accessible by public transportation.

Currently, international travel is under strict restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The current immigration and quarantine policy of Nanjing is detailed at this website and will be kept up to date. Hopefully international travel restrictions will be eased by the time the symposium is convened. In any case, the symposium will take a hybrid form combining onsite and online participation.


The Ecohydraulics leadership team has selected the LOC for ISE2024. It is co-led by Prof. André St-Hilaire and Dr. Valerie Ouellet. ISE2024 will be held in Quebec City, Canada. In 2024 it will have been 25 years since an ISE was held in North America. This is the longest time that the conference has been away from a continent (not counting Antarctica). In 1999 ISE was held in Salt Lake City, USA. Before that, in 1996 it was held held in Quebec City. Therefore, this marks the second time that ISE has returned to a past hosting city, as the 1994 and 2014 events were held in Trondheim.


It is never too soon to start thinking about your interest in hosting an ISE conference. Geographic location is a major factor considered in choosing an ISE LOC, but not the only factor or always decisive. Still, there has not been an in-person ISE in Africa since 2002, South America since 2009, or Europe since 2014. if you are located in one of these regions, please consider thinking about developing an LOC team and letter of interest to be vetted in 2022.

Upcoming Scientific Events


Abstracts due August 4, 2021. There are several sessions addressing Ecohydraulics.

Recent Scientific Events With Ecohydraulics

vEGU2021 (

There is an ecohydraulics session called “EGU21: Ecohydraulic processes in rivers, lakes and reservoirs: restoration and mitigation approaches (HS9.5)” at vEGU2021. Details on the session  can be found here. There are also a number of session son ecohydrology.

1st IAHR Online Forum (

This is a new series of virtual events (5-7 Jul) aimed at bringing together the community of hydro-environment professionals in the years in between the IAHR World Congresses by making the most of digital opportunities. Ecohydraulics was a prominent component of the event, as it held two sessions. There was a community-led session developed by the Ecohydraulics technical committee, hosted by Prof. Xiaofeng Liu and Dr. Ana Bustos. There was also a plenary session spanning Ecohydraulics and nature-based solutions organized by Dr. Ellis Penning.

2020 AGU Fall meeting.

There were several sessions addressing ecohydraulics at AGU in 2020. Some of the presentations are now hosted on the Ecohydraulics YouTube channel, so go check those out.

IAHR 85th Anniversary Celebration Event.

There were two sessions addressing Ecohydraulics at this online event. It was all open free to the public and thousands of people tuned in. The website for this event is here. All sessions were recorded and may be viewed at any time.

Ecohydraulics Community News

Takashi Asaeda has taken leadership of the Journal of Ecohydraulics as of January 2021. There will be a period of strategic planning and then I expect we’ll see some new developments, so keep your eye on the journal.

The IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee leadership team has now held three quarterly meetings since it was empaneled in June 2020. meetings were held in August and October 2020 as well as February 2021. Minutes of those meetings are available from IAHR. To receive those, you can join our technical committee for free, just by contacting IAHR staff and making the request.

As part of ISE2020, there was an open discussion forum for the Ecohydraulics community. For the first ~30 minutes the community was updated on many issues, and then for the remaining time the audience raised questions and had discussion. Thank you to those who participated.