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This page provides essential information about how the IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee (TC) is governed. All IAHR TCs are governed by a bylaws document, so this page essential excerpts key elements of the bylaws to highlight the key points.


TC purpose:
  • Promote the science, practice and/or management techniques in its subject area.
  • Effectively contribute to the solution of global problems in its subject area.
  • Provide a forum of exchange of information among and between researchers and practitioners in its subject area.
  • Keep its members abreast of their field and alerted to future challenges and opportunities by examining on a continuing basis, the present and likely future directions of its subject area.
  • Enlarge the IAHR membership.


TC activities:
  • Conduct speciality conference, symposia, and workshops*
  • Lead technical sessions and seminars at IAHR congresses
  • Publish ISE proceedings
  • Publish books, monographs or design manuals*
  • Contribute to IAHR Hydrolink magazine
  • Conduct educational activities
  • Coordinate with other TCs and organizations outside IAHR
  • Preparation of review articles or special issues in IAHR journals*
REQUIRED: Each Committee is expected to complete within a 4-year cycle at least one product in each (* above) category.


TC powers:
  • Create ad hoc Working Groups to conduct specific undertakings.


  • Any member of IAHR who is interested in the activities of the Committee and who is professionally active in the Committee subject area may be considered a Committee member.
  • Each IAHR member picks 1 primary TC (full vote) and 0-2 secondary TCs (half vote).
  • electronic membership platform (eMP)


Leadership Team:
  • 6 yr limit, except chairs get 8 yrs (records of who served how long are broken)
  • Chair, Vice-Chair and Past-Chair
  • 3-5 more members
  • Elections Process
    • Biennial elections of 2 new LT members and a new Vice Chair
    • Publish a slate of nominees that at least double the number of open positions
    • Must have balanced regional representation, career stage, career type.
    • Slate requires approval of the Division VP
  • Chair Role:
    • The usual stuff… Be a leader!  Take initiative! Get things done!
  • Vice Chair Role:
    • Record minutes of meetings and distribute to LT and IAHR
    • Submit annual report on TC activities to the membership


Working Group:
  • Limited to 4 years
  • Up to 8 members approved by LT, including a WG Chair
  • Limited to IAHR members.
  • No template file for working group proposals at this time


Annual Meeting:
  • Can be at a conference or online
  • Must be announced in advance through the eMP
  • Quorun is 3 LT members
  • Requires an agenda made by Chair, vetted through LT.
  • Actions by majority vote of LT members present.


IAHR Staff Can Help Us
  • IAHR has a key contact on all TC matters.
  • IAHR SurveyMonkey account
    • Online elections
    • Surveys
  • File transfer capability:
  • Technical capability to help organize live-stream webinars
  • Can host Zoom meetings
  • Communications
    • Email every member directly on behalf of the chair/vice chair
    • Post information to a web page.