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March Madness :)

March Madness :)

My post last month was about a variety of struggles with developing this website. A lot happened since then- we can call it “March Madness” by analogy to the fast-paced basketball tournament this month. Most importantly, the ISE2020 local hosting team expressed an interest in having our site host theirs as a subdomain that they can control. Given that impetus, I needed to speed up development to be ready for that important function right away. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, but rather than continue to try to do it all myself, I invested in a professional WordPress developer. That was a great decision that has successfully moved things along to where I needed them to go. Here are some of the key developments, but not all:

  • We now have the capability set up for any one to sign up as a member and have their own user account.
  • We now have a full set of functional social interaction features for the community, including public forums, user groups, public and private messaging, activity tracking, notifications, and friend connections. You should check those out.
  • Implementation of GDPR compliance
  • A variety of back-end features to improve security, privacy, and website resilience.

Now that we have the main site well in hand with the core capabilities, we will turn to developing the ISE2020 subdomain.

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