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Pause for work

Pause for work

Since my last post in late March 2019, I’ve been taking a break from the website to focus on work, but I am also continuing to think through development options. The last significant improvement I plan to implement is a way to improve the user registration design. Right now it is pretty bad from what I hear, so I’ll try to get that improved soon.

Also, it has been interesting to see that hackers attempt to log into the site’s admin account about 1,500 times per day, despite common security measures we have in place. It is a good reminder to use a very strong password. Even having just 12 random characters greatly increases security, and going far beyond 12 makes it virtually unhackable.

Finally, some sad news. The ISE2020 local organizing committee has decided to not develop their website in this site’s domain.  It seems that WordPress has proven too challenging and there are advantages to using the local university’s site for more support.  WordPress has the most features and flexibility of any web platform, but it definitely has a learning curve to design and implement a site from scratch. Once a site is set up, it is very easy to add content. Anyway, I fully support their decision and I’ll do what I can to help out as much as possible from this site. Hopefully we can find a way to archive their ISE2020 content here for the long term (and by “way” I mean money, of course ;)).

take care ’til next time.

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  1. Bruce Walker says:

    I just registered on the Ecohydraulics website and posted an item (“Fraser River fish passage emergency”) in the Forum, but I sense this particular website may be about to be discontinued. If so, I would like to know if it is migrating to another location on the internet. I am very interested in ecohydraulics. Also, I am not sure if anyone can read my forum post even though replies to it seem to be enabled.

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