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Fraser River fish passage emergency

Fraser River fish passage emergency

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    Bruce Walker

    I think this story is worth following because the situation may have a major impact on the large salmon migrations of the Fraser River, and it highlights issues of river connectivity and fish migration in the popular press. A recent huge rock slide on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada has narrowed the river so much that it is feared very few of the migrating Sockeye salmon will be able to get past it without help. It is described as a 5 metre falls, though it appears to me more as a chute because I do not see a free overfall of water. In any case, the partial blockage has accelerated the water to high velocity over a considerable distance, which could virtually eliminate upstream fish passage unless artificial measures are put in place.

    The movie clip embedded in the earlier CBC story provides a sense of the scale of it. It is worth looking at. I originally found the story by accident on the BBC website and have been a bit surprised by how little coverage it has received within Canada. As the impending Sockeye Salmon run builds, I expect the story will get more coverage if the predicted fish passage problems become reality.

    Posted by Bruce Walker

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