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Community update

Community update

IAHR Ecohydraulics Technical Committee

Community Forum Agenda 2020-2022

Meeting on 24 November 2020

Agenda items in black text


This document presents the agenda for the Ecohydraulics community forum held on 24 November 2020 (depending on time zone). Bullets indicate announcements and other information. Red text indicates meeting notes and comments from the discussion.


Part 1. Information about 2020 Events and Activities


Leadership Team membership- 10 members currently


Prof. Greg Pasternack, Chair Prof. Heide Friedrich, Vice Chair
Prof. Michael Stewardson, Past Chair Prof. Rafael Tinoco
Prof. Mengzhen Xu Prof. Daniele Tonina
Prof. Sung-Uk Choi Dr. Ana Adeva Bustos
Dr. Roser Casas-Mulet Dr. Davide Vanzo


Co-opted members
  • None currently.
  • Informal “Ex-officio” colleagues invited to contribute due to their official positions:
    • Journal of Ecohydraulics editor-in-chief
    • ISE LOC liaisons (one per each LOC: ISE2022 and ISE2024)
    • ECoENet chair
    • Representative for the Ecohydraulics website
    • IAHR representative
  • IAHR Young Professionals Conference (November 17-19)
  • Had 10 student presentations in the ecohydraulics session
2020 ISE Webseminar (virtual sessions November 23-24)
  • Thank you to Nico Lamouroux, Sophie Cauvy-Fraunie, and Veronique Gouraud for organizing the online event
  • Journal of Ecohydraulics  received 23 submissions (+ editorials) from S1-S3 sessions.

Part 2. Information about Future Events and Activities


IAHR 85th Anniversary Summit
    • December 14-15, 2020
    • Beijing + online
    • Ellis Penning and Greg Pasternack are organizing two 2-hour technical sessions on “Nature based solutions to hydro-environmental problems”, including ecohydraulics.


IAHR World Congress (4-9 July 2021), Granada Spain.
    • Pushed back to July 2022.
  • There were at least 4 special session proposals related to ecohydraulics
    • Takashi veg-rivers proposal
    • Rafael/William veg-fluids proposal
    • Paco eflows proposal
    • Ellis nature-based solutions proposal
  • General sessions on ecohydraulics anticipated.
  • Abstract submission closes 1 October 2020???


2022 ISE meeting update
    • ISE2022 no longer will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.
    • LT has asked a team from Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Hohai University, and Yangtze Institute of Conservation and Green Development to provide a full proposal to host it.


2024 ISE
  • LT received 5 letters of interest from initial call.
  • Because ISE has not been held in North America since 1999, LT prioritized the two teams from that continent. Their full proposals are due in January.
  • The LT will select among the two finalists at their next quarterly meeting in mid to late January.

Part 3. Information about Major Community Activities

Journal of Ecohydraulics update
  • Thanks to Chris Katapodis and Paul Kemp for running the journal for its first 5 year period. It was a big job to launch a new journal for our community.
  • Takashi Asaeda will become EIC beginning January 2021.
  • He gave an update on the journal earlier at this conference, so for more information contact Takashi.


ECoENet update
Update from the ECoENet folks


Ecohydraulics Website:
    • We launched the ecohydraulics website in 2019
    • Created and distributed a graphic that people can use to promote the community
    • More graphics and more website content coming in the future.
    • Anyone with Word Press experience should contact Greg if you want to help out.


Strategic Plan

Documenting and establishing the direction of our group. To an extent, the TC bylaws direct our strategic plan, but we do not have to be limited by those and we can evaluate how to bring those goals into practical effect. I think they boil down to two things:



  1. Journal of Ecohydraulics comments
  2. ISE 2022 comments
  3. ISE 2024 comments
  4. Open discussion/comments from the community






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