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Honorary Fellows of the
IAHR Ecohydraulics Committee


Appointment as an Honorary Fellow of the Ecohydraulics Committee of the IAHR society is to honor exceptional achievement and/or service within our community and profession.  This award may be given to a member or non-member of IAHR.

Six months prior to the scheduled Ecohydraulics Symposium, the Chair will solicit from the members of the Ecohydraulics Committee confidential nominations to be sent to the Leadership Team.  The nominations will be accepted for a three month period.  Each nomination must include a one page justification of why the nominee should be considered for designation as an Honorary Fellow of the Ecohydraulics Committee.  The Ecohydraulics Leadership Team (Chair, Vice Chair, and Past Chair) will review the nominations and make their selection.  The selection must be unanimous.  In the event that no formal nominations are received, the Leadership Team will at their discretion, select the awardee.

The award will be given at each Ecohydraulics Symposium by the Ecohydraulics Chair at the symposium banquet and include a plaque commemorating their designation as an Honorary Fellow of the Ecohydraulics Committee.

List of Awardees

4. Thom Hardy (2018)

3. Ian Jowett (2016)

2. Bob Milhous (2016)

1. Atle Harby (2014)